Bare skin rug: Edmonton man loses Burt Reynolds wager, wins Movember | Read More

"A naked Burt Reynolds, with a cigar precariously burning from the edge of his moustachioed smile, poses for the camera. In 1972, Cosmopolitan Magazine published the iconic image of the hairy heartthrob stretched out across a full three full pages of its centrefold. Pierce Brindza has recreated the photograph to a tee, including a plush bear skin rug, thick mustache, complete nudity and a general lack of 'manscaping.'"

Burt Reynolds on a Bear Skin Rug | Lindsey Catherine Photography


Venue Spotlight: The Chvrch of John Eat+Drink | Read More

"The Chvrch of John Eat+Drink is one of Edmonton’s newest multi-performance venues, featuring a wide variety of art, great food, tasty cocktails, welcoming staff, and a blank canvas with which you can create your own experience."

Kris Harvey | The Chvrch of John | Lindsey Catherine Photography

Tourverslag: Folk Road Show | Read More

A summary of photos from Folk Road Show's tour.

Folk Road Show | Lindsey Catherine Photography